Interaction Of The Sexes

Inspirationally, here is a tool created especially to help you transform your interpersonal relationship between you and your partner. "Interaction Of The Sexes" is a book penned by Author Everton Elliott, who aims to help people change their personal relationships’ by helping you to understand the underlying forces that govern them. As it explores all the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and the conflicts people experience within their partnerships.

Most people look for a monogamous relationship in their lives where they can love each other and grow old together. However, more often than not, they experience a lot of hurdles in their intimate relationships. This book aims to explore the underlying factors that can influence the outcome of such close relationships. While the story of this book has been presented as a plotline wherein two people get together for mating and dating, the story has also been partially influenced by the personal experiences of the author himself.

In his book "Interaction Of The Sexes", the author has discussed the ways people evolve when they develop an intimate relationship with a single sexual partner. The book also explores the tendency of certain people to have multiple sexual partners at the same time. The author also discusses the adaptations people have when they go for short term or long term sexual partnerships and mating strategies. The author states that studies conducted on other polygamous primates suggest that human beings show the same adaptive behavioral traits when it comes to short term mating tendencies. Human beings have also shown a considerable inclination towards developing an extramarital sexual relationships as well as a jealous behavior across time and cultural backgrounds.
The book suggests that over hundreds and thousands of years, humans have developed psychologically, anthropologically, and neurologically into looking for and develop long term monogamous partnerships. There is also an incentive within the human society for people to be responsible in relationships and develop a better mating strategy so that superior quality of sexual relationships can be created. This is important as most people are trying to find a balance in their relationship between what they can give and what they can receive. Through such an in-depth analysis, the author aims to help people change the quality of their relationships so that they can come out of a situation where they consider their partnerships to be sluggish and/or unsatisfactory. In this way, people who are having major problems in their relationships or are on the verge of a divorce can change things around for the betterment of a long term relationship. The language of the book is simple and is meant to help everyone improve the quality of their relationships.
About Interaction of the Sexes: Interaction of the Sexes is a book that discusses the internal dynamics of intimate relationships so that there can be changed for the betterment of their relationship. 

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