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The Real Deal - Code Of The Sexes!


Working Title: CODE OF THE SEXES - 2nd Series

Category: Intimacy

This scenario will provide a pattern of short-term as well as long-term mating and dating strategies, by using an example of two young lovers to show the trade-off commitments these two lovers are willing to practice to create their own pathway throughout their lifetime.

Here we will see Nate as a fully matured young man at the time who was in his late twenties and following up with an intense female inmate. She was one of his “Spanish Language Classmates”, in a socializing event at New York University. After the first class, he gets to talk to this young student by the name Rhea.

The Facts Here Could Be Extremely Diverse

Since this story is based on for the most part some of my own life experience, I am sure if you stick with me I’ll be able to walk you through this easily. It is of no doubt that whether we were evolved to be the people who practice of having one single intimate sexual partner, during the period of our lifetime. Or individuals who having more than one sexual partner at the same time?

In this illustration we will come to the grips as to whether they were evolved to be the individuals who will participate in the practice of having one single sexual partner, during a period of time they were not together. Or whether if they will be the type of human who practice of having more than one sexual partner at the same time and the differences that could set them to be apart?

This story plot is set to eventually help us to conclude a statement of why we have adaptations for short term, as well as long term mating strategies. This story in its fullest is really presented and based on two people, a young man named Nate and a young lady named Rhea. It is set to prove a point as well as to help readers transform their intimate personal relationships into good quality conduct of a monogamous relationship.

Nevertheless, some report indicated that most relationships in the world around us today are within society having one sexual partner. While others are shown indication of being in the multi-mating systems. But there are yet some people who are typically having more than one sexual partner at the same time.

However, from comparing humans with other polygamous primates, gives evidence showing indications that humans have the same adaptive traits for short term mating strategies. Humans have also shown a force in their behavior of extramarital sexual relationship, poaching and at the same time shown to be jealous across cultures confirming these adaptations.

Still, abundant psychological, neurological, anthropological evidence has shown that humans have evolved its adaptations for long term monogamous relationships. It can also be proven that as human; one should take the responsibility as a mate in their relationship to act with a better mating strategy on their part to promote a better quality of sexual relationship. You see; for the most part, most of us humans are trying to use mating as finding the best trade-off between what they can get for what they can invest.

So, they are trying to keep track of what is out there, what they need to find, what they and their partner are willing and able to give or receive. While this has become an adaptive approach, it does not have to be that way. It is just a matter of being prejudiced about mating, dating and lovemaking why we are keeping that into our own rational thought.

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