Just some ordinary facts: It completely sheds a light on the true authenticity, demand and power of friendship. In this sense, I’m not only demanding that my friendly readers should learn from my story but to also spread the word. Moving forward, is where the story stated the confidence in which Nate found in his new endeavor of taking on Rhea as his new companion. They both got lost into every indulgence of all the excitement of celebrating their first kiss as well as other scenarios of meeting, greeting, visitations and introduction that took place during this sequence.

o Raise your hand if you have ever gotten into an intense fight with your spouse then later stormed off with a bad mood.
o Or, if you have ever gotten a secret rush from flirting with that cute waiter in your favorite restaurant, even though you know you have always adored your husband.
o Or, maybe you have occasionally tell your husband blatantly untrue stories, like, sure, I think your bald spot is looking sexy!
o Now say it, does that sound familiar to you?
o Hey, fighting, flirting, and lying; these are all habits that conventional wisdom says are big, fat nonsense in our relationships.
o Everyone does those kind of things from time to time, yes it happens, even that couple you know who looks so perfect from the outside.

Moreover, here is the good part about doing either of them:
o Many supposedly bad love habits not only are they not bad for you, but they just might also do your long-term bond a whole lot of good as well.
o Readers should follow on through, to learn more about, how these few love habits cannot only make ones relationship stronger, but closer and better than ever before.

Stay strong!

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