Working Title: CODE OF THE SEXES - 2nd Series

Category: Intimacy

This scenario will provide a pattern of short-term as well as long-term mating and dating strategies, by using an example of two young lovers to show the trade-off commitments these two lovers are willing to practice to create their own pathway throughout their lifetime.

Here we will see Nate as a fully matured young man at the time who was in his late twenties and following up with an intense female inmate. She was one of his “Spanish Language Classmates”, in a socializing event at New York University. After the first class, he gets to talk to this young student by the name Rhea.

The Facts Here Could Be Extremely Diverse

Since this story is based on for the most part some of my own life experience, I am sure if you stick with me I’ll be able to walk you through this easily. It is of no doubt that whether we were evolved to be the people who practice of having one single intimate sexual partner, during the period of our lifetime. Or individuals who having more than one sexual partner at the same time?

In this illustration we will come to the grips as to whether they were evolved to be the individuals who will participate in the practice of having one single sexual partner, during a period of time they were not together. Or whether if they will be the type of human who practice of having more than one sexual partner at the same time and the differences that could set them to be apart?

This story plot is set to eventually help us to conclude a statement of why we have adaptations for short term, as well as long term mating strategies. This story in its fullest is really presented and based on two people, a young man named Nate and a young lady named Rhea. It is set to prove a point as well as to help readers transform their intimate personal relationships into good quality conduct of a monogamous relationship.

Nevertheless, some report indicated that most relationships in the world around us today are within society having one sexual partner. While others are shown indication of being in the multi-mating systems. But there are yet some people who are typically having more than one sexual partner at the same time.

However, from comparing humans with other polygamous primates, gives evidence showing indications that humans have the same adaptive traits for short term mating strategies. Humans have also shown a force in their behavior of extramarital sexual relationship, poaching and at the same time shown to be jealous across cultures confirming these adaptations.

Still, abundant psychological, neurological, anthropological evidence has shown that humans have evolved its adaptations for long term monogamous relationships. It can also be proven that as human; one should take the responsibility as a mate in their relationship to act with a better mating strategy on their part to promote a better quality of sexual relationship. You see; for the most part, most of us humans are trying to use mating as finding the best trade-off between what they can get for what they can invest.

So, they are trying to keep track of what is out there, what they need to find, what they and their partner are willing and able to give or receive. While this has become an adaptive approach, it does not have to be that way. It is just a matter of being prejudiced about mating, dating and lovemaking why we are keeping that into our own rational thought.

The Unique Overview Of This Book

The story has been presented as a development based on two young people mating, dating and the like, but in reality, this story is to some extent developed based on stories of the author’s life experiences.

It was put together based on the imagination of my experience and for the most part of how I had come to realize the performance of how we were evolved to be the people who practice of having one single intimate sexual partner during the period of our lifetime. Or individuals who having more than one sexual partner at the same time and why do we have adaptations for short term, as well as long term mating strategies.

Code of the sexes shows every uniqueness towards an intimate relationship. It is quite like another ingredient that is basically needed into each and every one's life. If ever your relationship seems hesitant, sluggish or unsatisfactory, analyzing the stages mentioned within this book will very well help you to identify those predicaments. What is even more important is; at the same time, it will help you to get down to the bottom of the situation without having to be prejudiced.

This book, "Code of the Sexes" can be used as a public statement of great importance. It reveals to everyone the needs it takes to apply these life’s intimate phases of intimacy as a long lived directory for keeping a long term intimate relationship. I would say this book is for everyone to read, apply and enjoy but especially for those who are into the mating, dating and lovemaking competitiveness of things. It could also be shared with friends who are going through issues of sour, sweet, bitter loving situations.

The Fact Still Remains

Whether we were evolved to be the people who practice of having one single intermate sexual partner, during the period of their lifetime. Or whether we are known to be individuals who having more than one sexual partner at the same time.

To conclude a statement of why we have adaptations for short term, as well as long term mating strategies.

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Making The Connection

In this connection we can come to realize where a young man named Nate, is following up with a passionate female inmate by the name Rhea. She happened to be one of his “Spanish Language Classmates” in a socializing event, where they both attended at New York University. However, this is where they both fell in love during this period, while studying there together.

From Excellent Friends To A Devine Family

It completely sheds a light on the true authenticity, demand and power of friendship. In this sense, I’m not only demanding that my friends should learn from my story but also to spread the word. Moving forward, is where the story stated the confidence in which Nate found in his new endeavor of taking on Rhea as his new companion. They both got lost into every indulgence of all the excitement of celebrating their first kiss as well as other scenarios of meeting, greeting, visitations and introduction that took place during this sequence.

The Reason I Consider Her Worthwhile Keeping

This narrative explains all the reasons why Nate found Rhea to be the one he is hoping to settle down with. It really makes sense when you find someone who would show you all the respect and to work with you throughout all your plans as well as your every activity. So, here Nate declares all the reasons Rhea showed him much respect, even when he mentioned that some of these he did just for a test.

He’s Certainly In Love With Her

Here we can see how love struct someone could get, until it makes them anxious in a way until they could lose the most important thing for the moment. Nonetheless, risking their life to achieve it back just so they could present themselves as a proposal, to someone they fell in love with and not just that but to make the proposal in front of a big crowd of friends and family.

Their Wedding Plans Were Rather Obviously An Ingeniously Sporty Event

After their proposal party that day, they both went ahead and created one of the most unheard of plans for one of the craziest wedding parties ever. This is the day the bride has been waiting for, after such detailed planning they both collectively put together; they had put forth just for their friends and family to come together and enjoy such an outlandish performance in leu of their conjugal wedding event.

Their Honeymoon Had Turned Out To Be A Counseling Session

Following all this bizarre nuptial event they’ll be heading off to their planned location for a honeymoon. On their honeymoon, as they went out to dinner there they met with an elderly couple. As it turned out, the elderly couple actually turned that moment into a council session. They shared with them the many different stories about things they would do while being together for over the past nineteen years.

Live A More Intimate And Romantic Lifestyle

This passage calls for togetherness in their relationship as Rhea begins to sway and wants to have her selfish ways. All of a sudden she would forget about how to keep the attractiveness between her and her most loved newly wedded husband. She would rather try to attack his integrity by treating him as if a wimp. Even though she behaved in that manner Nate would still try his best not to yield to her ridiculous offset towards their relationship. Nate would still go the extra mile and create plans for routine dates and try to be friendly by trying to share some secret stories about their past.

A Win-Win Game In A Relationship Is Far From Being Passionate

It is impossible to think that after such a time of emphatically putting all their games together, that things would become what it’s getting to be. Now it is with all regrets, things have gotten to the point where they now have to be seen by a therapist.

You Should Never Take Your Love-Life For Granted

To help each reader to fully realize that; to find the perfect companion, you first need to search your own heart and spirit. You also need to understand that your partner is not a mind-reader so do not assume they know how you feel or what you are thinking and be careful about the timing of your conversations. It is the little actions of love and attention into your relationship that will keep the spark of romance and friendship strong over the many years to come.

Seeking Experienced Guidance Counseling

After Rhea and Nate being together for over several years, they both decided they would need to see a guidance counselor. During the counseling session Rhea started to have a breakdown with flashbacks. Their first counseling session was about a better way of communication by way of writing to each other. However, as the counseling moved on their counselor helped them through with a guided seven day activity of things they need to practice during their day to day activities on different days during the next seven days to come.

Could These Give Either Partner Good Grounds To Getting Closer

Here’s where many of us can relate: flirting is not the hardest thing to do. Which can at times cause us to lose the flames in our relationship. I can assure you that with these few implications, it will help you to reignite the flare, between you and your partner in no time. You should try one of these techniques daily, by focusing on one thing at a time, and do it whichever way you think would work best for you, but do try to take them heretically.

Malpractice And Outrage Led By A Spoil Spouse

Just within the first few years Rhea continued to create all these insane outrage. This actually led to a threesome event, where Nate was right there in the midst while another man humped Rhea. This only showed how Nate would go the extra mile just to make Rhea happy.

Participating In The Cheater’s Role

The cheating role has been comprehensively broken down into different segments that really wrap around cheating differences and how some people function throughout their cheating role. This could with all possibility also come with jealousy and worry about another person with whom you think your partner could be seeing. It also mentioned about some state of prostitution and how a female could hustle to make herself a decent living from doing so. To the end we will see how broken down the male could become after going through all these strange dilemmas.

Playing Intimate Games On The Side

It goes to state whether the same one who is worried about their partner seeing someone else could also become a cheater themselves. Or whether if someone sleeping with their boss and how someone could have sexually make-out at their place of work. Readers could come to realize the many instances of games playing, in various different ways where both male and female are in the scenarios of the games-playing tactics.

Another Balanced Life Counseling

This segment has been stated to help someone keep their love-life on track, and how to create a communication skill of keeping a happy, healthy relationship. It can help to discover that there can be positive outcomes toward any situation in a relationship. Ways to cope with different situations in your relationship and how to treat others in your relationship as equal.

Re-Curing Your Romance

Setting goals in anything you hope for in life is essential but when it comes to setting goals to rebound your romantic relationship could be a bit more complicated. It could come with making changes for both parties in the relationship.

You see whether we are wrong or right, we should always try to focus on that commitment we made with each other. Even if there is a conflict that sometimes gets more challenging. We should always remember our responsibilities and to at all times make plans for two and not just ourselves. No matter what, you should always try your best to learn a pattern of how to seek after your partner’s needs, share and respect each other and seek after a way to compromise and put all the secrecy aside.

Facts Concerning Love And Money

We should all learn how not to love each other for the sake of wealth or money. Each and every one should love each other because of true love that comes from way deep down inside of us. It does not matter whether one gets old, wrinkles and gray or having weakness or sickness.

At A Time When Break-up Happen

Making a bad mistake is not funny! This is just like seeing someone fall from the frying pan and end up in a fire. Here’s where, after a breakup with Nate and Rhea; he went shopping and unfortunately ran into another young lady who happened to have bigger problems than he could possibly handle. This later on caused him to find himself staggering to reject happiness. Now he finds himself on another date where after being in bed for the night he later learned that this person was the kind who recently had a trans-sexual implant. Next you know Nate was starting to become silly with having all kinds of superstitions.

When Nate’s Ideal Friends On Monogamous Actions

At this point, a boisterous group of Nate’s outlaw friends were rounded up, harassed with alcoholic beverages, a recorder play was put into play and rolled on to hear from them. Nate’s cheater friends were all ready to respond. Here we find men at their most horrible state! Here we can also find some vital expressions for even the most cheerful matrimonial woman, you should all pay special attention, they called cheating a revengeful dishonesty. Let’s find out if there were any wrongdoings done of any similarity towards other men in their family.

It Must All Comes Down To Be The Fact Of Polygyny

In this section are just some proven motivational historical facts from both men and beast that also led us through biblical studies. This passage also gives us some reasons as to why we’re having adoptions of short-term as well as long-term mating strategies.

Discerning Life Throughout Its Intimate Phase

As we are about to come to the end of this series our readers will come to realize the two main ideal effects that are of importance to having real true intimacy are safety and connectedness. Which also gives some imaginary influences about the dating techniques of the art, style, culture and general compatibility along with few other illustrations of intimacy.

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